How to create your first Survey using Glow

Quick guide to creating your first survey – step by step

Creating new surveys in Glow is easy once you get started, so here’s a quick guide to get you going.

For your first survey, we’ll keep it simple.

We’ll cover the creation of a basic survey from a blank page to a published and live survey – ready to collect responses.

A Quick Overview

  1. Simply select My Projects from the top menu, click on your project and select the green ‘+ New Survey’ button
  2. Enter a Title and select your survey options
  3. Add your Questions
  4. Save and Preview your survey
  5. When you’re comfortable – Go Live!

Once live, share your Survey link with potential respondents and as each survey is completed, you can track and analyse results using all the charts, filters etc.

Note: If you have a free Glow account, your data will only be held for 28 days. After this time, your survey response will disappear. If you would like to keep your data for a longer period, upgrade online in your free account to experience our platform with zero restrictions.

Step by Step

1.  Get Started

  • As mentioned, just click on the ‘+ New Survey’ button in your project folder to get started

2.  Setup your Survey

  • Give your survey a suitable Title, one that will make sense to respondents
  • Optionally add some Reference notes for yourself and others you authorise to see
  • Optionally add an image to help improve the look and feel for respondents
  • Optionally choose to give respondents the option to be followed up after the survey

3.1  Add a Question 

  • Use the ‘+ ADD QUESTION/SECTION’ button at the base of the form and select the type of question you wish to use.
  • Additionally, you may select a question from the Library or a section to separate the questions in your survey.

3.2  Craft your Questions and Response Options

  • Once you have selected the question type you wish to use, a pop up should appear of your chosen question type
  • Enter your question text and input the response options/choices (where applicable)
  • Note: The example below is a ‘Choice’ question type
  • By clicking on the three vertical dot points to the right of a question choice, you may:
    • Move the choice up or down in the list
    • Remove a Choice altogether
  • Note: depending on the question type, you might have pre-drafted options to choose from
  • Use the check boxes for options specific to that question type – like ‘Allow Multiple Selections’
  • Similarly, use the ‘Make Compulsory’ checkbox to indicate whether an answer is required

3.3  Add more Questions

  • Add extra questions as needed using the same ‘+ ADD QUESTION/SECTION’ or ‘+’ button
  • To save time, you can opt to use the ‘Duplicate Question’ by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of a specific question

4.1  Remember to Save your work

  • Remember to Save your work along the way using the Save button at the top of the page

Note: Once saved, you’re in ‘Edit Survey’ mode. When you go back to ‘My Projects’, your survey will be shown as a ‘Draft’ survey until you make it live.


The status of the Survey is clearly shown on the card – that is, either Draft, Live or Expired.  

See the example below:


To make more changes, you can simply click on the survey itself to return to ‘Edit Survey’ mode

4.2.  Preview your Draft Survey

  • You can test drive your survey using the Preview option in the Edit Survey page

Note: In Preview mode you will see the survey as the respondents will – as shown below

  • You might like to make some tweaks to finalise your draft survey, then Save and Preview it again

Note: Preview survey responses are not recorded, Preview is just for you to see how it looks

4.3  Optionally Share your Preview for others to Review

  • You can share the Preview by copying and sending the URL (when in Preview mode)

5.  When you’re comfortable – Go Live

  • Once you’re sure you’re ready, use the ‘Make Live’ option in the Share section to activate the survey

Note: To ensure the integrity of your response data, changes to a survey are restricted once it is live.

  • The status of your Survey will change to ‘Live’ and ready to start sharing to gather responses
  • You’ll also notice the updated status of the ‘’Analyze’ option as it is activated. Use this section once your survey has collected responses to start analysing and finding insights!