How to create your first Survey using Glow

Quick guide to creating your first survey – step by step

Creating new surveys in Glow is easy once you get started, so here’s a quick guide to get you going.

For your first survey, we’ll keep it simple.

We’ll cover the creation of a basic survey from a blank page to a published and live survey – ready to collect responses.

A Quick Overview

  1. Simply select My Projects from the top menu, click on your project and select the green ‘+ New Survey’ button
  2. Enter a Title and select your survey options
  3. Add your Questions
  4. Save and Preview your survey
  5. When you’re comfortable – Go Live!

Once live, share your Survey link with potential respondents and as each survey is completed, you can track and analyse results using all the charts, filters etc.

Note: If you have a free Glow account, your data will only be held for 28 days. After this time, your survey response will disappear. If you would like to keep your data for a longer period, upgrade online in your free account to experience our platform with zero restrictions.

Step by Step

1.  Get Started

  • As mentioned, just click on the ‘+ New Survey’ button in your project folder to get started

2.  Setup your Survey

  • Give your survey a suitable Title, one that will make sense to respondents
  • Optionally add some Reference notes for yourself and others you authorise to see
  • Optionally add an image to help improve the look and feel for respondents
  • Optionally choose to give respondents the option to be followed up after the survey

3.1  Add a Question 

  • Use the ‘+ ADD QUESTION/SECTION’ button at the base of the form and select the type of question you wish to use.
  • Additionally, you may select a pre-constructed question from the Library or a Section to separate the questions in your survey.

3.2  Craft your Questions and Response Options

  • Once you have selected the question type you wish to use, a modal should pop up with your chosen question type
  • Enter your question text and input the response options/choices (where applicable)
  • Note: The example below is a ‘Choice’ question type
  • By clicking on the three vertical dot points to the right of a question choice, you may:
    • Move the choice up or down in the list
    • Remove a Choice altogether
  • Note: depending on the question type, you might have pre-drafted options to choose from
  • Use the check boxes for options specific to that question type – like ‘Allow Multiple Selections’
  • Similarly, use the ‘Make Compulsory’ checkbox to indicate whether an answer is required

3.3  Add more Questions

  • Add extra questions as needed using the same ‘+ ADD QUESTION/SECTION’ or ‘+’ button
  • To save time, you can opt to use the ‘Duplicate Question’ by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of a specific question

4.1  Remember to Save your work

  • Remember to Save your work along the way using the Save button at the top of the page

Note: Once saved, you’re in ‘Edit Survey’ mode. When you go back to ‘My Projects’, your survey will be shown as a ‘Draft’ survey until you make it live.

The status of the Survey is clearly shown on the card – that is, either Draft, Live or Expired.  

See the example below:

To make more changes, you can simply click on the survey itself to return to ‘Edit Survey’ mode

4.2.  Preview your Draft Survey

  • You can test drive your survey using the Preview option in the Edit Survey page

Note: In Preview mode you will see the survey as the respondents will – as shown below

  • You might like to make some tweaks to finalise your draft survey, then Save and Preview it again

Note: Preview survey responses are not recorded, Preview is just for you to see how it looks

4.3  Optionally Share your Preview for others to Review

  • You can share your survey for others to see before publishing by clicking the ‘Copy Link’ button in the bottom left corner of the survey preview.

5.  When you’re comfortable – Go Live

  • Once you’re sure you’re ready, use the ‘+Select a Channel’ option in the Audiences section to activate the survey

Note: To ensure the integrity of your response data, changes to a survey are restricted once it is live.

  • The status of your Survey will change to ‘Live’ in your project folder and it is ready to share and capture responses.
  • You can choose how you want to share your survey through different channels. For example, you may want to share a custom link with your own customers or access a trusted audience panel.

After making your survey live, you’ll also notice the updated status of the ‘Analysis’ option as it is activated. Once you start gathering survey responses, you can begin analysing your data to uncover meaningful insights!