Glow Release – April 2018

We’re pleased to announce some new and improved changes to our platform!

New and improved features

  1. Engage more respondents with our new respondent Rewards feature.
  2. Drive sales and find out what people think of your Products with our Product Audience Channels.


By providing an incentive with your survey you will boost the number of responses you receive, get greater insights, and make your survey respondents feel good about your brand! Every response contributes to charity as well as giving the respondent a chance to win something for themselves.

Simply turn on the Reward with your Audience Channel. For a limited time, while the feature is in Beta, we here at Glow are covering your Reward expenses.

Find out more here.

2. Product audience channels

Creating an Audience Channel targeted at products is now self-service.

The advantage of using this Channel is that you can ask your customers to (i) buy your product, (ii) visit and then (iv) enter your barcode. Your customer will be presented with your survey and you’ll get great feedback specific to your product knowing that they have it in hand.

By default Product Audience Channels have Rewards turned on so that you can advertise the Reward with your product feedback campaign.

Find out more about this feature visit here.

Try it on the Glow platform

Login to the Glow platform and explore for yourself.