Glow Release – May 2018

We’re pleased to announce some new and improved changes to our platform!

New and improved features

  1. Switch between our Studio and Insights applications.
  2. Studio Private Projects: keep sensitive survey results private.
  3. Find out interesting insights through our new chart comparison tool.
  4. Preview survey templates before using them.

1. Studio and Insights Applications

We’ve made several updates to the header bar in Glow including an application switcher. The application switcher makes it clearer which part of Glow you using. Insights contains the industry reports that we, and our partners, have been creating while Studio contains the features required to conduct your own research and find your insights.

2. Studio Private Projects

Within Studio you can now make your projects private to yourself. If you have more than one user on your account and you would like to make certain research projects private, you can edit the project and make it visible to just yourself. The Option is also available when you create a new Project.

3. Chart Comparison Tool

When analysing survey results you can now use the new chart comparison tool. When you select the tool via the icon highlighted in the image, you will be presented with a new view. In the new view you can compare the chart using filters you’ve created. Great for revealing insights in your data.

4. Preview Survey Templates

Before you use our survey templates, you are now able to preview their content from the view of the survey respondent. Open the kit you’re interested in, look that the survey template and use the 👁 symbol to preview the template.

Try it on the Glow platform

Login to the Glow platform and explore for yourself.