Glow Release – July 2018

In this release, we have made improvements to Glow Studio, with a focus on survey management and data analysis.

Survey Management Improvements

Creating, editing and archiving surveys is now quicker and easier and you can start collecting responses as soon as you create a survey. Basic editing restrictions still apply, however, based on either of the following conditions:

  • Your survey has 1 or more responses
  • Your survey has 1 or more Live Audience Channels

This is to maintain the quality and accuracy of your response data.

Simplified Filters

Creating filters is now simpler than ever as we guide you through the process. Click on ‘+ New Filter’ to get started.

Export CSV for Q

Survey responses can now be exported in a format suitable for importing into the Q data analysis and reporting software. Learn more about Q here.

Try it on the Glow platform

Login to the Glow platform and explore for yourself.