A former PwC director saw a need to democratise research so that businesses without vast resources could compete in an increasingly data driven world. Glow was born. Glow is a dynamic research platform that helps you deliver rapid, robust and cost-effective insights.

Glow helps to support every quantitative research requirement including event feedback, staff engagement surveys, concept testing, packaging evaluation, category deep dives, brand tracking and much more.

Why we are different

Glow sets out to be different. To pave new ways for businesses to reach their full potential with dynamic research and insightful data.

Speed to insight

Glow’s platform is designed for speed – from pre-set modules through automated data collection to real-time reporting – every facet is designed to reduce time to insight.

Knowledge centre

Access published research from Glow partners – both reports and raw data.
Distribute your own thought leadership reports to the community.

Value for money

From self-service to assisted plans, there are licences for every level of research sophistication. And with pay as you use panel access, you just pay for the data you need.

Easy to use


From intuitive guided set-up, through automated data visualisation to one-click results interrogation, simplicity is built in.

Data quality assured

We are a team you can trust.
We are committed to helping you get the best results.

The Glow Team