Why you should be stocking no and low alcohol beer

3 March 2021 – In a rapid pace survey commissioned by National Liquor News through research company Glow, 75 per cent of respondents said they drink about the same or more nolo beer than this time last year, with a number of reasons identified. “Glow’s study showed consumers found the flavour of the offerings in this category as a key motivator for consumption. Gathering the data clarified… read more.

Data Gurus Podcast: The Glow of Research

9 February 2021 – Sima Vasa is excited to welcome Tim Clover as her guest for today’s podcast. Tim is the CEO and Founder of Glow, based in Australia. Glow is an online research platform, and people often compare it with SurveyMonkey on steroids. For Tim, it is about a lot more than just creating surveys. It is about the whole workflow for… read more.

Aussies are keen to travel but “drive market” still prevails

9 December 2020 – Another new study indicates that Aussies are eager to travel domestically. Now borders have reopened across all states, Aussies are looking forward to the freedom of exploring their own country in the coming months. They are also being enticed by state governments using various incentive programs to compete for travellers. A short-term survey by market research platform Glow looked at Australians’ future travel plans for domestic travel. The study, which gathered responses from 23 October to 28 October, showed that… read more.

Survey shows Aussies eager to go interstate

8 December 2020 – With borders recently reopened across all states, Australians are planning domestic travel in the coming months, with state govenments offering plenty of incentives. A short term survey by market research platform Glow shows that the majority of Australians are eager to begin traveling domestically. Glow conducted a study to uncover Australians’ plans for domestic travel in the near future. The study, which gathered responses from 23 October to 28 October, showed that Queensland and New South Wales… read more.

Australians trust smaller banks the most – survey

11 November 2020 – Smaller brands remained the most trusted banks in Australia, the latest banking brand and trust index survey by research platform Glow has revealed. Bendigo Bank, Greater Bank, P&N Bank, and Bank of Sydney solidified their positions atop the list, achieving the highest net trust scores in October’s index. Each of the banks has seen an improvement in trust ratings, with Greater Bank posting the biggest jump to 28 from last quarter’s 18. Bendigo Bank, which continued to be Australia’s most trusted bank, registered a score of 29 (+7). P&N Bank scored 28 (+6) while Bank of Sydney got a trust rating of 27 (+7)… read more.

Alcohol-free beer in the UK: Heineken 00 leads in brand awareness, as market potential increases through lockdown

10 November 2020 – According to a recent survey by market research platform Glow, the most commonly known brands of non-alcoholic beer in the UK are Heineken 00 (with 31 percent of respondents aware of the brand), Kopparberg (30 percent), Becks Blue (29 percent), and Stella Artois 00… read more.

Shoppers look to locally-made drinks

29 October 2020 – This week, as Victoria took some of its greatest strides out of lockdown in months, journalists at a Dan Andrews press conference turned the Premier’s now famous quote back on him, and asked if he would be “getting on the beers” to celebrate the news… But Victoria’s Premier isn’t the only one opting for Australian-made beverages to celebrate this year. A new national consumer study conducted by research firm Glow revealed that more than two-thirds of Australians are planning to consume more locally-made drinks … read more.

Quarterly Trust study reveals banking industry steady while Government nosedives

15 September 2020 – Nationwide remains the UK’s most trusted bank brand, according to this quarter’s edition of the Banking Brand and Trust Index published by tech research platform, Glow. The study found that while confidence in the banking industry has stayed steady throughout the COVID-19 crisis, it also revealed an increasing lack of trust in Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party, whose ranking has plummeted. The Trust Index surveys the views of UK citizens and tracks consumer confidence in the banking industry… read more.

Which Wealthy Country Is Most Pessimistic On Climate Change?

9 July 2020 – If you’re reading this, there’s a fair chance that you care about climate change. But do you believe we’re able to do anything to reduce it?… read more.

Boris Johnson has done more for the climate than Jacinda Ardern

15 July 2020 – Opinion: Slick rhetoric and the inherent opacity of climate policy means most New Zealanders have no clue how poorly we’re doing on emissions reductions, Marc Daalder argues.

A politician takes over as head of one of the major parties of a small island nation, replacing a predecessor who had become increasingly unpopular, jeopardising the party’s chances at the upcoming election… read more.

Campaign budgets slashed by up to 75% during pandemic

17 June 2020 – Campaign budgets during the coronavirus pandemic have been slashed by up to 75%, it has been revealed by a new global study into the early impact of COVID-19 on the marketing industry.


The Canary Report, published by market research platform Glow and strategy specialists Planning Dirty, breaks down how budgets, campaign activity and new business pitches have been affected across over 35 categories to give agencies and marketers a real-time view of how the pandemic is impacting their industry… read more.

There are mistrusted banks… and then there are AMP and Westpac

25 February 2020 – AMP, Bank of China and Westpac are the nation’s least-trusted banks to do the right thing by ­customers, by some margin, with the trio all separately scoring poorly in a new survey.

The inaugural Australian Banking Brand and Trust Index polled 1233 people online in ­December using the consumer platform of research and data house Glow… read more.

Climate change: Kiwis happy with government action but keen for more

27 May 2020 – More than half the country is satisfied with our government’s response to climate change – but there’s room to do more, according to a new survey.

The nationally representative Climate Catalyst survey assessed how Americans, Australians, Brits, Canadians and New Zealanders felt about government action on climate change… read more.

Trust in big four improves

11 May 2020 – Consumer trust in Australia’s big four banks has made headways during the COVID-19 crisis, yet despite the improvement they still don’t make the top 10… read more.

26 May 2020 – More Australians support the use of nuclear power to tackle climate change than those who oppose the idea.

Almost two in five are pro-nuclear, with 31 per cent against the technology and the same proportion of people unsure… read more.


Greater Bank rated Australia’s ‘most trustworthy’ bank, Bank of China least trustworthy

08 May 2020 – A recent survey has revealed Aussies find Greater Bank the most trustworthy out of 31 banks, while neobank Up has debuted in seventh spot… read more

AMP, Westpac found wanting by customers

06 March 2020 – Westpac and AMP have been labelled among the least trustworthy banks, new research has found.


Market research platform Glow has released its inaugural Australian Banking Brand and Trust Index, which found non-majors as favourable to the big banks by the Australian public… read more.

5 June 2020 – The majority of citizens in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada want their governments to do more to combat climate change, according to a poll conducted by research platform Glow.

Glow recently released its report Climate Catalyst, based on a survey of 5,256 people to measure their levels of “trust and satisfaction with governmental response to climate change, preferred policies for adoption, and how well their elected officials are delivering on expectations.”… read more.

Has the COVID-19 pandemic increased Australians’ trust in banks?

08 May 2020 – Their reputation was hammered during the Banking Royal Commission, so what do Australians think of the banks in the midst of a pandemic?


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the banks have been at the forefront of providing economic relief, bolstering the public’s trust… read more.

Aussie support nuclear in climate fight

26 May 2020 – More Australians support the use of nuclear power to tackle climate change than those who oppose the idea.

Almost two in five are pro-nuclear, with 31 per cent against the technology and the same proportion of people unsure… read more