Australia’s $100 million-a-year domestic tourism industry slow to recover

22 March 2021

Amidst a year of unprecedented consumer behaviour within the travel and tourism industry, Glow, a leading Australian-based consumer insights platform, has leveraged its quick-pace market research technology to support a continuously challenged local tourism economy.


Glow, NielsenIQ Partnership Expands to UK and Ireland

25 February 2021

Today, it was announced that Glow, a leading tech platform in global consumer market research, has expanded its offering through the NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network to service the UK and Ireland markets.


New Research Tool Released for Deals Discovery Teams

18 February 2021

Glow, an Australian research platform known for its speed-to-insight capabilities, is responding to this uptick in M&A by launching a refined market research tool and support team to streamline scripting of research questions for the deals discovery process.


Australians view Toyota as most socially responsible automotive brand; Tesla as most environmentally conscious

25 January 2021

According to a recent consumer study by Glow, Toyota is perceived as the most trusted and most socially responsible automotive brand, while, predictably, Tesla holds the lead as the most environmentally conscious brand in Australian consumers’ minds.


Australians view YouTube as most caring, socially responsible social media platform as social media use rises

24 November 2020

According to a survey commissioned by research platform Glow, YouTube has the most positive reputation with Australians, across all major social media platforms. Notably, respondents aged 45 and older distrust all social media platforms much more than those aged 18 to 44.


Glow Joins Nielsen Connect Partner Network to Accelerate Access to Consumer Insights

24 November 2020

Today, it was announced that Glow, a leading tech platform in global consumer analytics, has joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, the data industry’s largest open ecosystem of technology-driven solution providers for researchers, corporations and governments.


In The Wake of the Second Lockdown, Britons Feel Optimistic

18 November 2020

As the UK adheres to stricter lockdown rules due to last until 2 December, Britons’ thoughts and feelings lean towards positive. In a short term survey undertaken by research platform Glow in the last week, respondents revealed a fair amount of optimism amongst the gloom.


Survey of Rashford’s #EndChildFoodPoverty Initiative Shows Positive Response

6 November 2020

According to a recent survey conducted by research platform Glow, Marcus Rashford’s petition to end child food poverty has gained favourable response with the public. The survey showed that 64 percent of people support Rashford’s cause. Additionally, 37 percent of respondents aware of the program are in support of this cause being funded by taxes.


Majority of Australians support Rudd’s Australian media petition

4 November 2020

A national survey launched by research platform Glow found majority support for Kevin Rudd’s petition calling for a Royal Commission to ensure diverse Australian media. The survey found 59 percent of respondents in support of the petition, and 12 percent against. 29 percent of respondents were unsure or undecided.


What’s app with our increased use of social media?

2 November 2020

A recent survey conducted by Glow last weekend confirms that the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the majority of Brits to make changes to the ways we communicate, especially staying in touch with family. In fact, 41 percent of survey respondents noted an increased reliance on social media during lockdown. The main reason for this swing was – no surprise – to keep in touch with family and friends (75 percent of respondents).


Smart monkeys? Not smart enough

15 October 2020

As a smart set of monkeys, humans really haven’t been smart enough. Consumers responding to our February study around the world told us they feel helpless. There is nothing they feel they can do, beyond the impact they have in their own households.


Survey indicates Brits becoming less stoic when it comes to mental health

13 October 2020

According to responses gathered from a recent survey by Glow this weekend, almost two-thirds of Brits surveyed are confident of being able to help and support people who are struggling with their emotional well-being. This is a surprising response from a citizenry once characterised by reticence and reluctance to talk openly about mental health issues.


Shopping Online for Food is a New Behaviour That Will Endure

13 October 2020

ccording to a consumer study conducted by research firm Glow, the UK’s new digital grocery shopping habits will likely be here to stay. A survey conducted over the weekend provided insight into how the UK’s attitudes towards shopping have shifted. Glow found that 60 percent of respondents intend to continue shopping for groceries online once the pandemic is over.


New survey confirms changed consumer priorities – Australian-made matters more

6 October 2020

According to a consumer survey released today by market research technology platform Glow, more than 80 percent of Australians are more likely to purchase Australian-made products – a conscious choice in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Quarterly Trust Study Reveals Banking Industry Steady While Government Nosedives

11 September 2020

Nationwide remains the UK’s most trusted bank brand, according to this quarter’s edition of the Banking Brand and Trust Index published by tech research platform, Glow.


Big Four Generosity Inspires Increased Trust in Banks

29 July 2020

The Big Four banks continue to gain trust with the Australian public during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is sparking increased consumer confidence across the whole sector, according to the latest figures released by the Australian Banking Brand and Trust Index.


Climate Catalyst: Country Comparison, Wave 1

25 May 2020

A five nation study that measures how well governments around the world are meeting the expectations of its citizens to address the threat of climate change. 


Glow Index Shows Trust in Big 4 Banks Improving, Albeit Slowly, During COVID-19

07 May 2020

The Big 4 banks have improved their trust with the Australian public during the COVID-19 pandemic but they still rank lower than the majority of banks, according to the latest quarterly figures released by the Australian Banking Brand and Trust Index. Their market dominance significantly impacting banking’s overall industry trust score, compared to 17 other key consumer industries. 


Trust in the Time of COVID-19: New Study Reveals Banking is UK’s Fourth Most Trusted Industry, Nationwide it’s Star Performer

22 April 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 global crisis, the UK banking industry stands strong in the eyes of the public ranking fourth most trusted consumer industry, with Nationwide the unrivalled top performer, in a new national industry trust study conducted by tech research platform and data house, Glow.


Second Tier Triumph: Research Reveals Bendigo Bank as the Most ‘Trusted’ and ‘Recommended’ Bank in Australia, ING Closely Behind

27 February 2020

A year on from the Banking Royal Commission, research tech platform, Glow, releases new report that shows second tier banks are at the top of Australians’ hearts, ranking highest in trust, satisfaction and likeliness to recommend in nationwide survey of over 20 banks.


Glow Continues Growth with Appointment of Daniel Calo as Head of Partnerships

26 November 2019

The third major appointment on this side of the year, Daniel Calo’s announcement as Head of Partnerships is the latest example of a growth surge at disruptive SaaS platform, Glow.


Glow Appoints Oscar Mora as Head of Growth for Asia Pacific

12 November 2019

Disruptive SaaS research platform Glow has appointed Oscar Mora in the newly-created position of Head of Growth as a key part of their Asia Pacific expansion.


Research technology company Glow appoints Derek Brown as Managing Director for Asia Pacific

29 July 2019

Research technology company Glow has appointed Derek Brown as its Managing Director for Asia Pacific as it aims to boost its growing commercial portfolio.


The secret to perfect shelf positioning

14 July 2019

In a recent interview with RetailBiz, Glow Founder and CEO Tim Clover shares the importance of shelf positioning and location and the impact it has on a product’s success.


Havas Group Australia partners with research tech company Glow

13 June 2019

Havas Group Australia is bolstering its research capability by partnering with technology company Glow.


Australian research platform Glow joins forces with US giant Dynata to unlock access to consumer insights

8 May 2019

Australian companies looking to develop both local and overseas consumer insights now have access to 60 million people in over 90 countries, including over 700,000 Australians, following a deal announced today between Melbourne-based technology start-up Glow and global US research powerhouse Dynata.


Millennials pick and choose when it comes to health, claims new report

16 February 2018

UK Millennials more likely to play a game of cat and mouse with their health, claims new report which highlights broader concerns for millennial engagement.


Glow launches agile primary online research solution to the UK market

28 November 2017

Starting from just GBP 2k, UK brands and agencies can now tap into the valuable opinions of hundreds of shoppers and consumers across their categories in days using Glow’s cloud-based research platform.


Glow: The innovative end-to-end consumer insight solution

18 October 2017

Since 2013, Glow has been connecting between businesses and their clients, by offering companies with an interactive platform to gather customer feedback instantaneously.Our mission is to change the world, one opinion at a time through a user-friendly application that enables businesses to capture useful data quickly and easily.


This PwC director threw in the suit and tie to launch his product feedback startup

24 February 2015

Ditching the suit and a comfortable job at PwC to develop a startup is something Tim Clover, the founder of consumer feedback app Glow, did almost two years ago.