It’s called The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, but in 2019, does this sentiment of love for the Christmas period still hold true for the average Australian?

This Christmas, we spoke to real Aussies to get their real views on the Christmas period. Revealing which groups look forward to it, which dread it and who just isn’t really that bothered and, more importantly, why, in our Australian Christmas Attitudes Survey 2019.

Check out the key findings below:

‘Tis The Season to be Stressed

It’s nothing new that many of us (40%) find this time of year stressful. However, it’s sad news for singles with 41% saying their stress is caused by loneliness. High-income households are much more likely to feel stressed due to social pressure, seeing family and taking time off work compared to their less wealthy counterparts. Notably, in every group the number one reason for stress remained financial. Overall showing that the feeling of the tug of purse strings during Christmas doesn’t discriminate across income.

Online Shopping: A Christmas Miracle?

Half of Aussie parents say they’re finding it harder than ever to buy presents. One respondent blaming ‘everybody has big expectations’. Another likely to give up altogether saying ‘I’m tired of seeing my gifts being sold on eBay after’. However further data suggests the problem could be in the approach, with people who don’t shop online finding it 40% harder to find gifts. The link between internet literacy and present buying can also be seen in which Australian’s say they’re likely to spend less this year. Over 45s, a typically less internet savvy group, are almost twice as likely to say they won’t be buying any presents this year.

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