How does it work?

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Put your social followers to work!

Ask your customers to get hold of your product and head online to They follow some simple instructions to give you feedback and provide some profile data instantly.

This is fast, effective and engaging – find out how one business used this to deliver a range of great benefits here.

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Stickers engage people in the moment

Deploy stickers to your products to engage people who purchase them at the shelf, at home and in the moment. Pick from a range of stickers you can purchase online today.

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See how Stickering has helped this business to see results

MOJO, an Australian family-run business, sought to uncover a new way to engage their online social following and drive sales.

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How do I add Products?

Add your products to Glow from just $30 per month. The great news? You can add one free to prove it works first!

What is the response pricing?

Starting at $3 per response (bulk pricing applies).

What is a reward?

Every response feeds someone in need. Respondents can opt in to enter a prize draw and join the Glow community.

What are the response rates?

Response rates vary – try it out in minutes. Engage your social following to build your insights armoury fast.

Who is the target audience?

Target people more likely to have your product in their hand at the time they respond.

What is custom reporting?

Glow can help you with custom surveys and reports that help you prove your product’s viability with distributors

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