An easy to use research platform that empowers the strategy team

Glow can be deployed as a solution within the strategy team to setup surveys and access a ready to go world class online panel audience. The insights gathered will go a long way towards developing strategy for client projects or pitches for new business.

Getting started and managing your project is easy

An account can be setup in minutes and Glow can provide your team with full platform training, which takes less than an hour. You’ll be ready to deliver your projects in four simple stages.


Once you determine your audience criteria you can get an instant estimate for data cost via the platform.


Build your survey using a guided setup and preview it before deployment.


Once deployed you will see responses gathered in real time.


Analyse the data with click and play tools or export the data. Feed the insights into your strategy work.

Why Glow?

Fast Insights

Good strategy is underpinned by robust insights. These are often traded off due to time pressures in favour of secondary data sources that are shoe-horned in for a project. Glow is built for speed and in some cases can deliver results within 24 hours for timely input on tight deadlines.

Pitch Confidently & Impress

Pitching to clients with good data points gathered quickly, to validate a campaign approach or proposition in development is a surefire way of building trust and credibility for future opportunities.

New Business Revenue

Agencies can use Glow to conduct studies for customer strategy work for their clients as a supplementary revenue stream instead of outsourcing to other providers.

Common Applications of Glow

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