The UK Christmas Grocery Shopping Behaviours Report 2017

Explore the general shopper and consumer behaviour towards different retailers.

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The UK Christmas Grocery Shopping Report 2017 investigates shopper behaviour and sentiment towards the different retailers.

The first part of the survey ascertained respondents’ primary grocery shopping destinations and why they chose to shop with these particular retail brands. This provided a base for comparison against respondents’ behaviour over the Christmas period.

The second part focused on respondents’ chosen destination for the Christmas grocery shop, propensity to purchase by category, reasons for retailer choice and an understanding of how respondents felt about the Christmas shopping experience. This provided insight into which retailers are losing potential customers over the Christmas shopping period, opportunities for category improvements during this time and indications as to which aspects of the Christmas shopping experience could be enhanced.

This research report should prove a valuable resource for both marketing and product development decisions in the UK FMCG industry.

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