Glow Rewards

Glow Rewards is an incentive offered to potential respondents to encourage survey participation. Simply switch it on prior to deploying your survey via our supported channels.

We also take the hassle out of Rewards management for you. Each month we draw two winners from the total pool of respondents, contact them and send through prizes worth up to $250. All you need to do is enable Rewards, we do the rest!


  • Boost survey response rates
  • Increase the engagement of respondents
  • Show gratitude to respondents who complete your survey

How does it work?

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Glow Charity Contribution

Glow partners with various charities* to help others in need. Whenever a respondent completes a survey hosted on our platform, we deliver one free nutritious and fresh meal to someone who is unable to afford it.

This additional feature is automatically enabled on every Glow Rewards survey as we hope to improve respondent engagement through this initiative. Enable rewards and start getting fresh meals out the door with your surveys.


Have some questions around Glow Charity Contribution or Rewards? See below for some frequently asked questions and answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us here.

Do I need to turn Glow Rewards on?

While you aren’t required to use Rewards, it is always enabled on Audience Channels such as Products or Places. This is because these channels require an extra incentive in order to drive respondents to complete a survey.

How are Glow Rewards winners chosen?

Glow draws winners on a month-to-month basis from our pool of respondents. We use a randomised number generator to ensure all respondents have an equal chance at the prize. Once a winner is selected, they cannot be chosen again until they complete another survey in a different month. 

How much does Glow Rewards cost?

For a limited time, while the feature is in Beta, we here at Glow are covering your Rewards expenses.

Can I turn Glow Rewards off after I’ve already published a survey?

Yes you can, however respondents who have completed a survey and submitted their emails will already be in the pool with a chance to be drawn.

What kind of Glow Rewards are there?

Prizes will vary each month and are worth up to $250. Most of the time, we will use digital eGift cards as these are quick to send to winners and we don’t require any additional information besides their name and emails.

What if I want to supply my own types of Rewards?

You are most welcome to use your own type of Reward. We only offer this feature as an affordable option for those who don’t have the capacity to do so themselves.

Glow will still capture the your survey responses and draw monthly winners. If the selected winner is from your survey, we will send through their details so you can contact them.

Please contact us here to let us know if you would wish to do so. 

Can I turn off Glow Charity Contributions?

Once you have enabled Glow Rewards, our Charity Contributions will be turned on automatically. This is because it is an ongoing initiative we hope to keep active!

Does Glow Charity Contribution cost extra?

No it doesn’t! We make it our mission to help those in need and we hope this initiative will enable participants to be more engaged with surveys hosted by us.

Can I nominate a different charity?

We always welcome new ideas, please contact us here to nominate a different charity you would like to see.

How do I know what I contribute as part of this initiative?

This will depend on how many responses one of your survey collects. Every time a respondent completes a survey, this amounts to one free meal which we donate through our charity partners.

Glow partners with the following charities