The client challenge

A chocolate brand was under pressure to stay in range due to poor sales despite 100% store ranging and brand blocking. The client needed to gain insight into their customers and reasoning behind their poor sales in order to maintain their shelf position. Information also needed to be credible and in a format ready to present to the category team.

The brand had to prove they understood the issues and establish a plan to significantly improve product performance.

Project objectives

  • Understand perception of their brand among other chocolate brands in the market at a national level.
  • Gain insight into what product improvements customers wanted to see in the future.


  • Factory stickering on 50,000 products which was then distributed to a network of 750 Coles stores across Australia
  • Collected 2,500 consumer responses then analysed to support the client’s objectives

Time frame


Prepare Research


Factory Stickering & Distribution


Survey Response Capture


Analysing Results


Prepare Report & Insights

Glow solution

Glow’s database of over 400 FMCG and Retail experience market research questions was used for the development of targeted questions. This enabled the client to capture feedback tailored to their needs.

Glow’s product stickering solution allowed for quick deployment and helped the client to tap into the minds of their consumers with the product in hand. A free chocolate bar was also offered as an incentive to drive respondent engagement.


  • Increase in understanding of customer demographics and unique positioning of the brand
  • Proved customers liked the brand and product proposition
  • Clear feedback pointed to a couple of key issues holding back purchases
  • A plan was developed prior to meeting with the customer to address the issues identified
  • Category team accepted the customer feedback
  • The brand was saved from deletion and agreement reached to improve sales performance


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