The client challenge

MOJO, an Australian family-run business from humble beginnings, expanded their distribution from independent grocers into a major retailer for their Kombucha brand.

MOJO wanted to be on the front foot in securing long term shelf space and sought to leverage consumer insights to drive improved decision making and ranging discussions. They used Glow to profile the Kombucha drinker, identify primary purchase motivators and prominent attitudes in the category.

As an emergent category, consumer data was virtually non existent for purchase. This meant that MOJO had a host of assumptions driving sales, marketing and NPD which needed validation and limited means to collect useful data.

Project objectives

  • Understand consumer profiling to formulate marketing strategy and media mix.
  • Apply consumer attitude data to build a compelling sales story to retailers.
  • Use insights to demonstrate category thought leadership with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Understand consumer advocacy for the brand.


  • In-store stickering on 15,000 products by the client’s field sales team.
  • Collected 400 consumer responses analysed to support MOJO’s objectives.

Time frame


Prepare Research


Field Team Stickering & Distribution

WEEK 3 +

Survey Response Capture

WEEK 4 +

Analysing Results


Prepare Report & Insights

Glow solution

Stickers on the product packaging helped MOJO tap into the minds of their consumers while they were at the shelf or at home with the Kombucha product. They were able to use the Glow platform to capture and review the feedback in real-time using click and play technology.


  • MOJO re-adjusted their promotional strategy and media mix based on the profile of Kombucha consumers and secured board approval for increased spend.
  • Assessed, validated and re-baselined long standing business assumptions.
  • Used consumer advocacy and purchase motivation insights to formulate productive range review discussions with retailers.
  • Paved the way for future insights led NPD approach.


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