The client challenge

MOJO sought an innovative way to engage and activate their consumers by trialling unconventional trade spend. MOJO also wanted to better understand their loyal consumers on Facebook to gain further insight into their sentiment and habits.

Project objectives

  • Engage shoppers to take action and drive them to purchase from specific Woolworths outlets.
  • Grow social engagement and profile online customers.
  • Analyse campaign results in order to support next marketing initiatives.
  • Measure the shopping basket impact from this promotion


  • An online survey distributed to 8000+ social followers.
  • Targeting brand loyal customers in Australia.

Time frame

DAY 1 – 2

Prepare Products & Research


Online Social Distribution

DAY 3 – 6

Survey Response Capture

DAY 7+ 

Analysis &
Report Preparation

Glow solution

Glow’s library of social feedback questions was used for the development of the online survey. This allowed MOJO to capture feedback tailored specifically for the audience of their social media channels.

Glow’s Product solution allowed for instant survey deployment which was supported with a social post to drive online engagement and shopper behaviour. MOJO invited their followers to purchase a product and incorporated Glow’s Product barcode technology to ensure data capture integrity. Customers could complete a survey and were incentivised by a chance to win a month’s supply of MOJO products.


  • Drive social followers to specific Woolworths to purchase products at full price
  • Increase online social engagement
  • Paved way for new opportunities to capture consumer data and drive new promotional offers
  • Proved the promotion could switch significant proportion of shoppers from normal from regular retailer to Woolworths outlets


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