The client challenge

MOJO sought to build upon the growing success of their brand by extending their product range into low sugar beverages.

They wanted to support the launch of their new product into a major retailer by addressing a number of commercial questions with the opportunity. In order to proceed, MOJO needed to identify who the likely consumer would be, whether the new product would align with their brand and whether any cannibalisation would occur within the range.

Project objectives

  • Define who the consumer of the new product would be.
  • Understand the dominant features of the new beverage.
  • Gain insights to inform the product packaging.
  • Support the story to the retailer to set the right expectation for soft launch.


  • Online panel of 1,000 respondents.
  • Targeting low sugar/no sugar beverage consumers.

Time frame


Prepare Research


Distribution to Panel Audience


Survey Response Capture

WEEK 4 – 5 

Analysis &
Report Preparation

Glow solution

Deploying the survey to an online panel allowed MOJO to tap into the minds of a thousand Australians nationally. The target audience provided their opinion about the no sugar/low sugar drink category and explored their perceptions of the new product concept and how it would align to the brand. MOJO was able to quickly turnaround the data and use Glow’s click and play technology to access it.


  • Increase in understanding of consumer perception, unique positioning of the brand and consumer demographics.
  • Proved customers product proposition is appealing though not all respondents were aware of the brand.
  • Confirming hierarchy of product features changed alignment of packaging messaging and focus.
  • Insights to develop a strong go to market strategy that effectively targets the right consumer segment and provide the brand with a point of difference.


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