Data protected our shelf ranging


Last summer we launched a new drinks family in the chilled section. There were 5 SKUs in the family and we had been offered full ranging by our retail partner. We’d seen a lot of changes and product churn in the category and were nervous that all of our SKUs wouldn’t make the grade. One of our biggest competitors had been purchased by a multinational and we were concerned that we would be squeezed for space within six months. It’s hard for us to compete with their ability to invest in the category in terms of campaigns, activation and trade spend. We needed an innovative solution to protect ourselves.

This was where Glow came into play for us. We needed to get feedback on our products so we armed our sales team with some Glow product stickers and they set to work adding stickers to our products on shelf in our best-selling stores. The results we got were absolutely top-notch quality. I say this knowing that the results weren’t exactly what we wanted to see, but they allowed us to get on the front foot rather than hiding behind a potential issue with our product. Of the 5 SKUs we’d launched, two of them were selling really well, but three of them were struggling. We found that one of the SKUs needed a formula tweak (consumers found it quite bitter tasting) and two of the SKUs were a complete miss. Consumers didn’t get them. So we took our findings back to the retailer and managed to increase our space on shelf for the two products that were working. The third was tweaked and has really kicked off since we changed it. The other two were pulled from the shelf to make way for the rest of the family – and the feedback also hinted to some NPD opportunities that we are now working on bringing to the category.

It was a great experience working with the Glow team and their partners. The platform has been eye-opening for us. We never used to invest in data, now we know we need to keep investing and building our capability to use it in the business.

Sales Manager / National Brand


We discovered which section of the store to be stocked in


We manufacture a healthy snack product that has gained a lot of media attention since we first launched it in Tesco. One of the problems that we faced was understanding where to locate the product in the store (and therefore which buyer should own it for the supermarket). The first batch of our product was placed in the most obvious category (along side other snacks) and we set out to capture feedback from our first shoppers.

We captured over 400 responses from shoppers in just over one week and it became clear that given the basket and needs of the shoppers buying the product that we were in the wrong section of the store. We took this evidence to the retailer and we were placed with other health foods and our sales rose by 40% within two weeks. Not only that, we gained great data on our shopper, occasion and product feedback – which subsequently helped us gain ranging in other supermarkets.

Sales & Marketing Manager / National Brand


We drove 2,000 self-funding trials


We launched a new product family with a national retailer where we already had a successful brand. We were stretching our brand into a new subcategory and wanted to make sure we knew whether the people buying it were going to be the same as those who we usually attract. We can’t easily get this information from anywhere else. When we’d previously run sampling campaigns we’d budget for between $15-$20 per unit for field sales teams to execute.

We decided to try Glow as an innovative, low-cost option. We ran a social media campaign to two groups of people – our current brand followers, inviting them to try our new product. We also targeted a selection of other consumer groups on Facebook. We managed to drive over 2,000 new baskets to Coles and managed to find 3 distinct consumer groups who were buying our products across both the current and new subcategories.

We found that the average basket size we were able to drive to the supermarket was around $49, containing around 8 items. Over 50% of the trips we managed to create were unplanned and we collected a lot of really useful information. This helped us direct our marketing budget more effectively, allowed us to prep our sales team with clear messages about the types of shopper that love our brand (and why), and being able to turn up to our 12-week post-launch review with a clear action plan.

Sales Director / Global FMCG Manufacturer


We improved our Marketing ROI by better shopper targeting


I’ve been directing our media budget through a leading agency for over 5 years now. In that time I’ve seen a lot of changes that Glow has been helpful in helping us navigate. A larger proportion of our budget targeted toward social media and other digital channels since 5 years ago. Also, as a result of some price pressure from our retail customers, our board have been demanding evidence of better ROI from our media budgets. Our sales team have also found it harder to hide price marketing in opaque ‘trade spend’ budgets. All of these pointed towards a smarter way of marketing – of knowing our consumers and shoppers better, then building our brand to meet their needs.

The difference between what we do now and what we used to do is stark – both in terms of our confidence to spend effectively and in our ability to repeat the process with every product in our portfolio. We still spend the same amount on our digital marketing (if not more) but are much more confident about the link between marketing and the resulting sales impact. We are able to target our creative efforts in more effective ways – and our social media engagement has risen by over 80% in just 12 months as a result. Glow has been pivotal in us achieving these results, because we know we can access new data in days if we need it, and our focus has shifted from production to the needs of our targeted consumer groups.

Marketing Manager / Premium National Brand, FMCG

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