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Australia – Oct 2021.

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October data release.

  • Responses from industry-leading online research panels via the Glow platform.
  • 1,244 interviews with a representative sample of Australians aged 18+
  • Fieldwork was conducted w/c October 13 2021.
  • Responses reviewed by a human for quality & consistency.


Welcome to the October 2021 data release. This month we tracked attitudes to 33 social and environmental issues to see how Australians are feeling about the issues we face as a society and dug into a handful of issues more deeply to interrogate current consumer attitudes and behaviour and consumers expectations of businesses in addressing these issues. 

The report and data release covers:

  • Issue tracker – identifying the issues Australians are most concerned about right now. 
  • Expectations of Industry – which issues consumers expect specific industries to address. 
  • Climate Change – Expectations of Government action
  • Environmental policies consumers support 
  • Who should lead the charge on encouraging Government action

You can access the latest report (and all the old ones) here. 

We hope that the data sparks intrigue, creates conversation and give you ideas for moving your own business forward. 

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The most pressing issues this month:

Climate Change is top of mind. 

There is a slight increase in concern about Climate Change, which is no surprise given the conversation and coverage around the UN COP29 summit.

We dig deep into consumer expectations of Government action and find the Government coming up short. We also investigate which policies consumers support action on and discover that voter desires appear contradictory to current Government action when it comes to the subject of coal.



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