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Feedback at the right place and time

Customers love being heard. Engage them using posters with a link and ask them for their opinions. You get to capture valuable feedback and they get the chance to participate in our monthly Rewards Program.

This fast and effective channel allows you to know exactly what your customers are thinking at a specific place so you can get the data you need.

Put your Places to work

You can also drive engagement and feedback in a variety of ways with business cards, invoices or receipts and stickers. Simply include a link and you’re ready to go!

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How do I add Places?

Add your places when creating a Places Audience Channel for a survey. You can also manage your places within the Places section of the platform.

What does it cost?

For a limited time, while the feature is in Beta, you can add one place for free! If you would like to add more than one place, contact us here.

What is a reward?

Respondents can opt in to enter a draw to win prizes worth up to $250 and join the Glow community. Every response also feeds someone in need through our charity partners.

What are the response rates?

Response rates vary – try it out in minutes. Engage your social following to build your insights armoury fast.

Who is the target audience?

Target people near or in your place of business. We only show places near to customers looking you up at

Got many locations and businesses?

We can help you setup Glow to benchmark your performance from a customer’s perspective across your businesses – you can even host Survey Kits that only your staff can use.

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