Glow believes you shouldn’t need a PhD and big budget to get the data you need, when you need it, whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a startup, a family business, or a large organisation


Everything we do at Glow is makes getting and understanding data universally accessible

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Glow gives people who are not researchers confidence to access game-changing insights

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Agencies and researchers also benefit from a range of features than let you build a deeper connection with your clients

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Glow survey platform

It’s true. The Glow platform allows you to create your own surveys, analyse the data and share the insights with who you want. But it’s more than a survey management tool. Our platform also offers you access to range of publications, from the latest thought leadership to bespoke Dynamic Reports across industry topics.

DIY Survey Management

It’s now possible for you to access the data you need, cost-effectively and fast using Glow’s click and play research technology.

  • Create your own surveys using your own questions or our time-saving templates.
  • Send them to your existing customers or use our audience panel.
  • Analyse the data with our user-friendly tools.
  • Communicate the insights back to your stakeholders.

Survey Kits

Glow Survey Kits are specially designed to simplify research so you can start getting answers quickly on our platform.

  • Includes industry or business specific survey templates.
  • Designed with relevant question types.
  • Requires minimal editing.
  • Easy to deploy for different audiences.

Dynamic Reports

The Glow platform also houses original industry reports by market and product category that will impress your stakeholders with your industry knowledge.

  • Normally includes a digestible PDF report in easy-to-read language.
  • You can also slice and dice the supporting data to suit your specific needs.
  • Visualise charts and graphs using pre-analysed filters.

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