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Glow is an integrated survey, consumer panel and data analysis platform that supports the delivery of fast, efficient primary research in days on your private account. With expert advice on call, Glow’s research platform allows you to dive deeper into your market. 

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Concept Testing

Prove concepts before they hit the market. Glow’s concept testing capabilities identify appetites and uncover product-market fit, from idea through to packaging, saving significant time and resources and providing your business the confidence to invest.

In-Market Testing

Improve your products, manage your retail relationships, get more ranging through succinct shopper / retailer adjacency data. Glow’s in-market testing solution lets you actively manage your product’s lifecycle by getting feedback from your target market and insights from customers when they’ve got your product in-hand.

Brand Health

Keep tabs on brand health in real-time. Easy to use and lightning fast to deploy, Glow’s brand tracking investigates all brand health vital signs, including reputation, awareness, equity, position and delivery, for reliable insights into the ROI of your brand building.

Category & Audience Behaviour

Real-time audience insights at your fingertips. Take a deep dive into the minds of your target audience. Explore how they feel, shop and appreciate the category, so you can create emotive and distinctive experiences that motivate them.

Market Framing & Competitor Analysis

Stay one step ahead. The Glow platform enables brands to keep a real-time finger on the pulse, gaining up to date insight into competitors, key players and market growth. Uncover opportunities to conquer your category.


Powerful surveys made simple. Create, design and test across multiple use cases with Glow’s easy to use kits & survey editor.


Deploy your survey to quality panels, with access to 100M+ voices globally. Data you can trust through 3 stage quality assurance and expert support on hand.


Analyse insights with Glow’s automated, real-time data visualisation. Optimise on the go to get the answers you need, right now.

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