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Find out what your consumers think in a matter of hours

  • Support NPD and validate concepts
  • Explore category opportunities
  • Understand product performance
  • Track your brand health
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“Equipping our members with better access to consumer data will result in greater success in a challenging retail environment.” – Bill Trainor, PLMA

PLMA member offer

A quick and economical way to sense check your business case before fully committing the direction of your NPD

    Got an early concept or product challenge you’re working on. Ask a couple of hundred consumers what they think with a quick 1-3 minute survey. You can typically get this feedback within a day to help you validate or steer you away from the wrong path.

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PLMA member offer

De-risk NPD – Validate consumer segments, packaging and messaging for more robust buyer meetings

    Got a product concept that’s progressing? Refine the USP and concept design to optimise the final product you put on shelf. Ask 500-1000 consumers what they think with a 5-7 minute survey. You can typically get this feedback within days to give you the data points to make critical packaging and pre-launch decisions about the product.

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Free-to-use research platform

DIY research significantly reduces the time, effort and cost of gathering quality consumer insights

    Get started with your research projects using a range of FMCG survey templates and click and play tools on the platform. Use Glow free until you’re ready to upgrade to more advanced features.

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