A lot of TLC went into getting your product into the market. Glow helps you unlock new value as soon as your product hits the shelves.

unlock proven lifecycle roi benefits

Drive sales from day 1

Invite people to try your product through your launch campaigns. Send people to store to pick up your product. Every single customer that takes part provides a measured charity donation and gets a chance to win in Glow’s prize draw. This effective approach has been proven to work.

  • Invite people to try your product to support the Feed&Win campaign.
  • Use a short format survey from just $1 per response. Every response is linked to sales.
  • Capture great product data through the campaign.
  • Use the data to impress your retail distribution customers.
Direct your media budget

You created a product with a target market in mind – but do you really know who’s purchasing and using your product – and if they’d buy it again? Glow lets you identify the consumer segments who are buying your product in those first weeks after you launch it. This helps you work out the marketing strategy that’s most appropriate, and to direct your media budget where it’s going to have the biggest impact.

Identify product opportunities

It used to take a focus group or months of shopper engagement to identify opportunities with your portfolio. By capturing and analysing SKU-level information you get first-hand feedback on what people think of your products across a range of attributes. Want to know what people think about your new packaging? What about that new flavour profile, or the formula enhancement? What about the products in the family that miss the mark? Are you able to constantly refresh your portfolio with great innovation that people want?

Be proactive in retailer reviews

When the stakes are high and competition in your category is strong, it can be a nervous period in between your launch week and the first sales review you have with your retail distributors. Apart from the supply chain teething problems that occur, it’s really hard to explain why your sales are performing the way they are (good or bad). Retailers take a lot of risk putting new products on their shelves. They care a lot about their customers and want to know that you do to. By engaging shoppers for feedback in these early weeks you can take a 360 view back to the retailer in a proactive way. By reviewing shopper data with sales, basket and other data sets you inspire confidence in your distributors and stand well placed to support them in myriad category growth opportunities.

Increase channel distribution

Over 80% of shoppers don’t shop with a single retailer. Most retailers don’t stock the same products in all of their stores. How are you going to make the most of your market opportunity and tell a story that is compelling (both when it comes to growing your own supply capacity and getting retailers to range your products in more of their stores)? The trick here is to identify the missed opportunity in the market. By knowing more about the people with your product in hand you’re able to confidently tell a story that adds up.



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