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Private Label & Shoppers 2017


Currently in Australia, the emergence of ALDI has put considerable strain on the performance of branded products and the major retailers, who stock branded products. Woolworths and Coles are both taking greater efforts to fill their shelves with their own store private label offerings and convert shoppers to these products. Manufacturers are already in a constant battle with other brands. As retailers start to lean towards more private label products, manufacturers will face increasing challenges getting to the shelf. This trend can already be seen in larger markets like the UK.

Given only 30% of market share is taken up by private label and ALDI is growing, but by no means matured, the private label dilemma is still an emerging trend. Retailers will want to know how to maximise their ROI on private labels with shoppers, and manufacturers will want to mitigate risks associated with shoppers opting for more private label offerings than the regular brand name products.

Who is it for?

  • Retailers and manufacturers 
  • Private label manufacturers
  • Category buyers
  • Journalists

What does it cover?

  • 30-38 survey questions
  • 1000 respondents
  • Consumer sentiment towards private label and profiles of private label shoppers
  • what consumers like and dislike in Private Label products
  • The emerging behavioural trends in shoppers that challenge the larger retailers of interest
  • What motivates shoppers to consider
  • Consumers lifestyle and habits and profile


  • Report and insights (PDF)
  • 12 months access to Glow platform
  • Access to report data
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