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Glow rewards have been proven to get 3x to 10x the response rates of surveys that don’t use rewards. Cut through the noise more effectively.

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Glow partners with a range of charities to put a real value on every response. We publicise our monthly donations via our campaign Facebook Page.


Rewards programs can be a handful to manage. Our simple system includes the media and messaging you need to focus on using your data.

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How rewards work



Glow partners with local food recovery charities that take quality fresh and packaged food and distribute it to people who need it most. These charities make a measurable difference to the lives of millions of people globally. The Feed&Win campaign provides one fresh meal ($0.20) for every dollar charged for survey responses. A $0.20 donation covers the costs needed to provide a fresh meal to someone in need through these charities. If your cost per response is $1, one meal is provided. If your costs per response is $5, 5 meals are provided. Each month we add up the total units and announce the total on Facebook.


Survey respondents are also invited to participate in our monthly prize draw. Similar to the charity donations, the longer the survey, the more entries are provided to the respondent. This optional component invites the user to opt in to register with Glow for more chances to make a difference with their opinion and support charities with a little bit of their time.


Have some questions around Glow Rewards? See below for some frequently asked questions and answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us here.

Which charities benefit from this campaign?

Our current food recovery charities are SecondBite (Australia) and FareShare (UK)

How are prize draw winners chosen?

Glow draws winners on a quarterly basis from our pool of respondents. We use a randomised number generator to ensure all respondents have a fair chance to win. We notify winners in person by email – their names are also announced online.

What is the cost of using rewards?

Rewards are priced based on the length of your survey. The longer your survey, the more rewards respondents are offered. The platform provides you with feedback about the cost of responses as you build your survey.

Can I turn off rewards on an open survey channel?

No you can’t turn off rewards once you’ve turned them on – this reduces confusion in your billing. Instead, simply create a new channel without rewards and turn off the channel with rewards if you need to.

Can I create custom rewards?

Yes, in some cases (fees apply). Please contact us to find out more about how you can customise rewards.

Can I select just the charity donation?

Not at this time. The Feed&Win campaign has been created following several years of research, and has been proven to appeal to a broader range of people. Separating the reward components would reduce the impact of the campaign. If you wish to offer your own rewards you can redirect people to your own webpage after the survey.

Where are the charity donations publicised?

All of the charity donations made related to charities are made via the Feed&Win Facebook page

What's the minimum donation made to each charity?

There is no minimum amount made for any given charity – but Glow guarantees that at least 1,000 meals will be donated each month, and the charities we support are announced using Facebook posts

Feed&Win provides donations to support the following charities