UK Consumer Attitudes Towards Nutrition & Health Report 2017

Find out what UK consumers think about nutrition and health relating to food categories, food labels and lifestyle.

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The UK Consumer Attitudes Towards Nutrition & Health Report 2017 investigates shopper sentiment towards different nutritional claims.

It is designed to help those with a commercial interest in nutritional claims and lifestyle habits make informed business decisions through a better understanding of the nutritional claims, food category habits, behavioural traits and economic profiles of UK shoppers and consumers.

This report has been compiled by Glow based on survey results collected from the 17th and 20th October 2017. The screened sample of 967 respondents was sourced from an online panel of 664,000 UK residents. Respondents consisted of both male and female participants, ranging across a broad income and generational demographic cross-section.

This research report should prove a valuable resource for both marketing and product development decisions in the UK Grocery industry.

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