Glow products

Glow offers innovative products to help you gather the valuable insights you need for your business. Our team of dedicated research specialists have developed a selection of FMCG specific Analysis Packs and Project Kits to enable you to gain insights relating to purchasing habits, brand, category and product.

Analysis Packs

Our Analysis Packs are designed to give you instant access to the latest industry insights within the FMCG market. Produced by Glow’s team of research specialists, these packs explore consumer sentiment and behavior around a number of categories such as fruit juices and yoghurt.

An efficient and invaluable insight into the market that matters most to you. Gain the information you need to help you to make more educated and strategic decisions.

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Image of consumer holding FMCG product

Project Kits

Glow Kits enable businesses who want to take the next step to discover new opportunities and gaps in the market with their own primary research data. Our Kits are specifically designed to tackle an industry or business problem. The kits include survey templates, relevant question types and support resources so you can start generating your insights on the Glow platform quickly.

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