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New research tool released for deals discovery team

Deals Discovery teams set to benefit from a new research tool by Glow

The marketplace for mergers and acquisitions is predicted to expand rapidly in 2021.  Glow, an Australian research platform known for its speed-to-insight capabilities, is responding to this uptick in M&A by launching a refined market research tool and support team to streamline scripting of research questions for the deals discovery process.  

With capabilities used by blue chip clients globally, Glow provides quick, quality data and real-time visualisations. Available from mid-February 2021, the refined platform supports provision of global consumer sentiment data supported by skilled insights staff to facilitate the swift use of the platform which is a cornerstone of the deals discovery process.

Benjamin Mactiernan, former Principal of Bain & Co, is an advocate of the platform. He said: “Glow is an evolved research tool, allowing us to script a survey and distribute to a global panel within the platform. It returns data through an automated analysis to minimise crunching — I was impressed.”

Mactiernan continues: “We used to go through painful days of survey management. The Glow platform will save time in project management, surveying, and analysis, particularly with its current experience in serving blue chip clients.”

Glow’s platform meets the needs of this deals discovery market, with the introduction of the new team of specialists to support deal discovery research from 22 February 2021. The automated real-time reporting within the platform ensures quick access to consumer insights, with survey responses available in as little as 72 hours. 

“We’ve seen that our strong understanding of the ins and outs of each deal plays the ultimate role in successful strategic planning,” states Tim Clover, CEO of Glow. “The Glow platform enables discovery teams to gain a deeper understanding of marketplaces, white space and competitive landscapes that surround potential deals — which leads to fruitful commercial partnerships.”

“We know that time is of the essence in the deals market. Gaining access to quality primary research data is often the key to building partnerships of the highest potential,” Clover continues. 

“The Glow platform combines rapid pace data and real time analysis capabilities, and pairs it with skilled insights staff on hand to support the use of the platform — ensuring businesses can gain quick insight into potential new deals, mergers, and acquisitions.

“Deals teams increasingly need to model assumptions based on category and competitor metrics and related performance. Things like existing brand positioning, health and stretchability into adjacent categories need to be understood. 

“Now more than ever, It’s so important to gain a view of the awareness funnel through consideration and usage — NPS, for example — to determine the post-deal risk and opportunity landscape. We help our clients produce formulaic, repeatable frameworks to deliver robust, quality data every time they transact.”

The Glow platform offers access to a global panel of respondents, supported by insights experts to assist in using the tool. With offices across Australia, UK, and Asia, Glow looks ahead to assisting businesses with the deals making process.

While the past year has seen uncertainty and change across all markets, 2021 brings opportunities for businesses to come together across new partnerships and deals. As reported by MarketWatch, mergers and acquisitions are expected to increase to a great degree this year, as “companies reshape their businesses while the full effect of the coronavirus crisis is felt”.

MarketWatch states that the impact of chief executives purchasing business growth through acquisitions — led in part by positive global news about COVID-19 vaccines — means 2021 will be a busy time for the deals market.

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