Glow helps you get a fast read on what’s going on. You don’t need to be an expert in research or a PhD in analytics. Collect great data from surveys then share the results with people who need to see them. Feeling ambitious?

an ecosystem built for agile

Jump into the fast lane with a quality toolkit thousands rely on:

  • Proven research/feedback methodology kits
  • Access to a variety of audience methods
  • A powerful and intuitive analysis tool
  • A database of accredited Glow service providers who can assist with your research needs.
  • Industry Dynamic Reports which provide access to the underlying data for online analysis


Our click and play technology simplifies the process of designing, deploying, analysing and sharing the results of your research project.

  • Create your own surveys from scratch or use quality templates
  • Choose how you want to get your audience data
  • Analyse and share the data privately online
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Glow Survey Kits are ready made, industry proven surveys designed to enable you to create a survey incorporating proven question types and structure. This ensures your methodology stands up to scrutiny.

  • Templates tailored for specific industries
  • Incorporates a variety of question formats
  • Minimal editing required
  • Easy deployment to different audience types
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We provide access to a variety of industry specific “Dynamic Reports” published both by the Glow Research Team and our network of Glow Partners. These reports provide an off-the-shelf source of data that can be analysed to uncover insights specific to your needs.

  • Includes a digestible PDF summary of insights
  • Access to Glow analysis dashboard with pre-set filters to help you explore the data
  • Ability to further filter and share the underlying data set
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