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Case Study: Multi-market talent testing

Multi-market talent testing

Multi-market talent testing identified a new brand ambassador in days, not weeks.

Learn how Glow helped a leading global food business conduct a multi-market talent and communications assessment that identified the global brand ambassador to support their next phase of growth.

Note – due to commercial sensitivity the brand has been anonymised.


The challenge

The business operates in dozens of countries using multiple consumer-facing brands and has been on a massive growth trajectory since its launch driven by a great product, rapid market expansion and highly effective marketing. As a result of continued expansion, the brand was on the lookout for a global ambassador with mass appeal to elevate the brand’s overall image and standing as it enters its next stage of growth. While every market had a perspective on who the next brand ambassador should be, it was critical to ensure that any talent selected would have the impact, appeal, and brand fit needed to support the business’ momentum.   

And so the challenge was set. Help the business evaluate the resonance of a selection of high-profile ambassador candidates across 8 key but very different markets. Oh and do it all in two days please, as we have the campaign to create! The research goal was to test over a dozen high-profile celebrities for cultural fit, brand resonance, and overall appeal to provide the business’ brand team with a robust, clearly evidenced shortlist for them to pursue. As the Head of Brand for the business highlighted, 

So, how do you test the appeal of a group of celebrities across a range of markets in multiple languages quickly? Through powerful research tech and strong collaboration.

The solution

The solution was a lightning-fast, but super robust concept test using a repeatable framework across the full set of celebrity candidates. This was possible through a combination of Glow’s integrated research tech supported by research experts to manage the process (and the clients). 


Intuitive streamlined workflow

By collaborating with the client around a draft questionnaire both on and off-platform, we were able to build a complex, logic-infused survey with rich media assets to test extremely quickly. The in-built draft sharing functionality ensured that stakeholders in multiple markets could review and feedback on the survey efficiently and in a controlled manner. 


Automated language translation

Once the survey was drafted we were able to instantly translate it into multiple languages for dispersal to local experts for review of the language, tone, and cultural nuance. The in-built translation editing functionality enabled minor changes to each survey in local markets without disrupting the consistency of the overall study structure and flow.


Real-time results

Glow’s platform showed responses as they came in, enabling key stakeholders across markets to assess results in real-time. This enabled the team to identify a go/no go shortlist that matched the criteria set very quickly, so they could make a swift decision, despite the large number of stakeholders involved.


The outcome

In less than 48 hours the Glow team, working hand-in-hand with the client was able to meticulously design, translate, launch and deliver the data into interactive dashboards that enabled the key stakeholders to analyze and determine which celebrities were universally liked and were also a strong brand fit across all of the key markets.  This enabled the business to finalize their selection and appoint the new ambassador in record time.   

We’ll leave the final words to the brand’s Insight Lead who summed up the project experience    



If you don’t know it, Glow it.

Glow has helped a range of brands undertake single and multi-market communications research spanning strategy and ad concept testing, talent fit, music selection, message impact and much more. There’s only one way to ensure your communications will deliver the impact you desire – test before you invest.   

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