Introducing Catalyst.

The Catalyst program is an open-source research and insights program about the major social and environmental issues that we face.

It captures consumer sentiment – what people think, how they behave and what they expect of businesses to support people and the planet.

This program is building a body of knowledge to inform corporate ESG strategies and to help businesses develop products and services that address these issues.

How it works.

Catalyst polls adults in Australia, the UK and the USA across more than 30 issue areas, providing an assessment of the most pressing social and environmental problem areas and then publishes the results via newsletters, reports and interactive dashboards.

Join the Community.

It’s free to join and support this program. Simply sign up to Glow’s emails or follow us on the Catalyst social channels to receive the latest Catalyst data as soon as it is released. 

Thanks for being a force for good. 

Investigation framework.

We know that change isn’t easy, and that subjective opinion can easily cloud objective fact. The Catalyst Framework provides a structured, repeatable way to gather insights about the issues we face. 

We use this framework to understand what consumers want and why, to create conversations about these challenges and to encourage businesses to use this data as an input for positive change.

Data framework July

Some of our partners.

The Catalyst program would not be possible without the support of our partners, below.

A special thanks to Cint for  providing the respondents that fuel the program.