Advisory and consultancy firms. Confidence at the speed of now.

Advisors need data they trust. Fast.

Glow’s integrated platform supported by insights experts ensures you can define, field and gather data in real-time to power your recommendations. Glow works around the clock so you don’t have to. It’s advisory, accelerated.

Commercial due diligence (deals)

Interrogate markets, evaluate white space and assess competitive landscapes within days so you can provide robust assessments and better returns for mergers, acquisitions, and commercial deals.

We can implement your CDD approach (your IP) into Glow or you can use one of our existing frameworks.

Consulting projects

Deliver research data at speed to supercharge your client projects. Glow works hard in the background to structure, source and deliver interrogable outputs rapidly, so you get time back.

Client pitches

Pitch for contracts armed with powerful data that delivers fresh insights to support your strategy and define your point of difference.


The power to get it right.
The confidence to do it now.

+ Set-up an account in minutes.

+ Access an audience of over 100 million consumers and 6 million businesses,

+ Responses in days, not weeks.

+ Robust data guaranteed via multiple layers of quality assurance

+ Visualise and analyse responses in real time

+ The support of research experts, as you need it.

+ Simple plans, with a 30 day no obligation free trial.

We drove 2,000 self-funding trials in 30 days

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