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Glow’s real-time market research platform makes it easy to bolster your creativity with insightful data. 

Whether you need to dive deep into a category for a pitch, validate your campaign ideas with prospective customers or prove the impact of your work in-market, Glow has a research kit and expert support to get it done, fast. Drive impact and prove your value with Glow.

Client Pitches

Power your pitches with proprietary consumer insights. Use Glow to quickly reveal target audience attitudes and behaviour, or size up the market while identifying competitors and key players. Uncover opportunities for success, so you can pitch confidently and impress.

Category & Audience Behaviour

Real-time audience insights at your fingertips. Take a deep dive into the minds of your target audience. Explore how they feel, shop and appreciate the category, so you can create emotive and distinctive experiences that motivate them.

Brand Health

Help your clients keep tabs on their brand health in real-time. Easy to use and lightning fast to deploy, Glow’s brand tracking investigates all brand health vital signs, including reputation, awareness, equity, position and delivery, for reliable insights into the ROI of marketing efforts. Glow’s expert team can help you design and deliver these programs for your clients rapidly and cost effectively.

Ad Concept Testing

Ensure your work will work. The Glow platform enables you to test strategic direction or ad concepts with your target audience at super-speed. Load your creative, get feedback at scale. Discover which consumer segments like it the most. Use Glow’s proven research kits and robust data to validate or hone your recommendations before you present to clients, so you can save time and get more work over the line.

Campaign effectiveness icon

Campaign effectiveness

Prove the impact of your efforts. Did your media placement move the needle on awareness? Did the idea drive more consideration? Validate the ROI you deliver by offering your clients’ campaign effectiveness measurement based on outcomes not outputs.

Custom projects

Extend your IP

Differentiate your strategic process, media evaluation framework or effectiveness methodology by integrating timely and real consumer data. Productise your approach through bespoke research kits that can be on-sold to clients.

Glow has helped

A PR agency build compelling communications for the travel sector 

A media agency implement brand tracking for an FMCG brand

A digital agency build customer journey insights for a B2B client

A creative agency test advertising concepts for an apparel campaign

A media agency rapidly test strategy for a consumer goods pitch

A media agency measure campaign effectiveness for a food brand


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