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Multi-market pitch insights at pace

Local Planet Case Study


The challenge: Communicating product value

For a new business pitch the agency needed to assess whether long held beliefs about the running category and consumer behaviour still rung true post-COVID.


The solution: Category analysis & audience behaviour survey

An audience behaviour deep dive was needed fast to understand category purchase behaviour and attitudes to running following the lifestyle changes created by COVID.

Local Planet media agency used Glow’s automated translation feature to speed up deployment while real-time data visualisation enabled them to define new segments on-the-go so they could build a data driven story that challenged market conventions.


The outcome: Service benefits backed by insights

Within 3 days the pitch team were able to build, deploy, analyse and transform their insights into a powerful narrative built from real consumer feedback. This data was a key pillar in the agency’s response as it provided a unique perspective on consumer attitudes and behaviour.

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“[Glow]…was a key pillar in our pitch response as it really helped us demonstrate our audience understanding as well as answer key questions that the client had. We were able to show them a different audience opportunity to the traditional audience they had been focused on.”

Paul Wilson, Chief Strategy Officer Local Planet Media