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Case Study: Agile Brand Tracking with Atomic 212


Atomic 212, Australia’s largest independent media agency, offers media, marketing technology and content services to some of Australia’s largest clients including Bupa, NSW Government and BMW. Atomic’s mission is to make marketing smarter, faster and more accountable. To support this mission, Atomic make use of the Glow platform to offer agile brand tracking and campaign effectiveness measurement to help clients understand the ROI from their marketing efforts. 

The Challenge: Understand Campaign Impact

Atomic 212 aimed to provide additional value to its client in the fresh produce industry by implementing an agile brand tracking and campaign effectiveness monitor. This enabled the client and Atomic 212 to assess the impact of campaign activity on overall brand health whilst interrogating the impact of advertising activity on key metrics.  

The Solution: Brand  & Campaign Effectiveness Tracking

The Glow platform offers robust and easy to implement tracking capabilities that allowed Atomic 212 to quickly implement the hybrid research program, measuring key metrics such as consideration and purchase behaviour in addition to campaign specific metrics including exposure, awareness and message outtake.  This enabled both client and agency to understand the impact of the campaign and to identify opportunities for optimisation. 

The Outcome: Campaign Success

With real-time access to consumer insights through the Glow platform, the Atomic 212 team was equipped to monitor and optimise campaign activity. 

Moreover, they were able to deliver robust, independent assessment of brand health and campaign ROI to prove the value of their media approach.  

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