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Case Study: Rapid pace insights power winning PR pitch

The challenge: Pitching time

A PR team at Havas, one of the world’s largest global communications groups, was pitching to multinational camera specialists for an ongoing contract to become its Australian public relations agency.

The solution: Real-time insights

To strengthen their pitch, and show the client what it would be like to work with Havas if appointed, Havas conducted a bite-sized survey to uncover consumers’ camera habits. No lead time was necessary: the rapid-turnaround survey took 30 minutes to create, and less than half a day to collect results. This allowed Havas to gather insights into the client’s audience that informed the ideas for the pitch response. 

The outcome: Proprietary data wins pitch

By conducting bespoke research using the Glow platform, Havas was armed with up-to-date, audience specific insights to power their pitch response. This enabled Havas to differentiate against competing agencies, and they successfully won the client’s business.

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