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Case Study: Fast-turnaround FMCG pitch

The challenge: Insights needed within days

Carat Global, a media agency with more than 100 offices worldwide, was facing a large upcoming pitch to a major soft drink brand. The presentation was only a few days away, and the Carat team required ultra-fast turnaround insights to feed their pitch response, so they enlisted Glow’s research experts for help.

The solution: Rapid, robust, research

The Glow team utilised the platform’s rapid-setup and deployment capabilities to quickly script and launch the project, while real-time data visualisation gave the Carat team access to the data as it flowed in. This enabled the team to identify emerging themes quickly and to finesse the strategy for the pitch. Despite being a niche audience, Glow was able to complete the field work with the desired number of respondents quickly.

The outcome: Time back to refine the strategy

The efficiency of the Glow platform enabled the team to deliver full results one day ahead of schedule on a very tight timeline. Combined with the ability to interrogate the data as it came in, this process ensured Carat was able to identify fresh audience insights that created strategic differentiation in their approach..

The wrap up: Expectations exceeded

“I was really impressed with the way Glow recognised the urgency and addressed the challenge head on, and went the extra mile to deliver data a day earlier than we had asked.”Gary Roddy, Insight & Strategy Director at Carat Global

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