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Case Study: Sirena Tuna Product Innovation

The Challenge 

Despite impressive year on year growth, Sirena Tuna wanted to secure ongoing differentiation in the canned fish market. While the brand had seen long standing success, the company was seeking a way to continue its expansion and protect its differentiated position. The goal was to facilitate a strong new product development pipeline, leading to better shelf space and an increase in sales. 

In other words: the brand wanted to continue to conquer the canned tuna category, and Glow’s platform uncovered the insights to enable them to do so.

Behind the Brand

Sirena Tuna, available in most major supermarkets, had achieved heritage brand status. It stood out as a consumer favourite, and demonstrated quality and authenticity to its loyal customer base. The brand prided itself on premium quality ingredients and ethical sourcing.

Consumer Insights Revealed

Sirena used the Glow platform to dive deeper into the minds of its consumers. This process uncovered insights into consumer relationships with canned and ready-to-eat tuna products. 

Through research into the hierarchy of product features, it was revealed which attributes consumers valued most. This valuable insight informed marketing decisions, allowed for smarter claims on packaging and enabled a sharper focus on flavour decisions.

Set for Success

Using market size data combined with survey insights, Sirena was able to determine which grocery shop aisle would result in the highest sales potential for their new products – a point of debate with retailers. Should the new Sirena products sit in their adjacent categories, or with the brand’s mainstay shelf dominance in the tuna aisle?

Armed with up to date consumer insights and valuable survey data, Sirena used this information to underpin negotiations with buyers from major retailers. As a result, the brand was able to provide data to support better shelf space decisions which resulted in a significant increase in comparison week sales (as high as 50 percent more). This use of data drove a benefit to Sirena, the retailer and the consumer in a way never used before by either Sirena or the retail category teams.

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