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Case study – Encouraging people to drink more water, sustainably

The challenge

For over 50 years, Brita has been on a mission to encourage people to drink more water, sustainably. Their flagship products, including in-home tap filters and water jugs, and on-the-go drink bottles, provide clean, great-tasting water without harming the environment. As the world faces a growing climate crisis, Brita’s goal has never been more important. However, despite Brits’ concerns over plastic and packaging waste, bottled water sales continue to grow, driven by portability, taste preferences and convenience.

Brita wanted to review its market position relative to other water choices, particularly bottled water, to ensure product-market fit and evaluate whether its sustainability messages were resonating with prospects. That’s where Glow came in.

The solution: An ESG diagnostic and tracker supported by custom research

Glow worked with the Brita team to define a baseline ESG diagnostic and tracker using its proprietary Social Responsibility Score (SRS) methodology. This not only enabled Brita to understand consumer perception of its ESG performance overall but also to compare that within consumer cohorts and across competitors, categories, and time. The diagnostic formed the baseline for future tracking work and included traditional brand funnel metrics to enable ongoing brand health assessment as well as ESG-specific interrogation.

But that’s not all. Brita also worked with Glow to conduct two quick-turn custom studies to support key business initiatives. The first enabled Brita to dig into category buying dynamics to support a new product launch, while the second focused on evolving messaging for a core product. And the best part? Both studies were fielded in less than a week from the point of briefing.

The outcome: Rapid insights for a changing market 

The studies highlighted Brita’s strengths and identified growth opportunities by aligning with changing consumer behavior. Message testing highlighted key areas where messaging and hierarchy could be adjusted to generate more attention and to differentiate from other brands.

The program has only been in place for three months but has already provided clear direction for ESG program investment and insights that are influencing everything from product positioning to communications.

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