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Consumer ESG Spotlight Report – May 2023 UK


May 2023

The Consumer ESG Brand Spotlight Report provides fresh data on the sustainability credentials of brands. It highlights those seen to be leading the way, reveals what is important in different industries, and investigates the performance of competing brands. 

This month, the Consumer ESG Spotlight Report delves into the UK quick-service restaurant industry to uncover the key drivers of perception, a spotlight on the top QSR brands, and a comparison between UK coffee houses.

The report draws data from Glow’s Social Responsibility Score (SRS) tracker, which measures consumer sentiment about the social and environmental performance of brands. SRS is a key indicator of brand health, with a proven relationship to trust and revenue growth. 

As of May 2023, SRS has polled over 145,000 consumers about more than 650 brands in 3 markets.

The report includes:

  • Top 10 brands for May
  • Quick-serve restaurants in focus – the issues driving consumer ESG perceptions
  • Brand spotlight – How Greggs is serving the community more than just good food
  • Costa vs Starbucks vs Caffe Nero – why Costa is ahead of its coffee competition.

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Consumer ESG spotlight report cover - May 2023 UK

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