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Case study – How Seven Network used market research to prove value for a program sponsor

Seven Network, the home of some of Australia’s most loved news, sport and entertainment programs, used the Glow platform to uncover audience insights crucial to quantifying the ROI of their hero program to a valued sponsor.

The challenge

Seven Network, one of Australia’s leading television networks, has maintained a long-standing partnership with one of its valued sponsors for the past 19 years. The partnership has been a cornerstone of the commercial success of one of Seven’s hero entertainment programs, and continuing the collaboration for the 20th year was of significance for both parties. 

To renew the sponsorship for another year, Seven wanted to showcase the effectiveness and value of the partnership to the sponsor. Specifically, they wanted to demonstrate whether viewers of the hero program were more likely to visit the sponsor’s stores after watching an episode.

The solution

Using Glow, Seven conducted market research to provide evidence that the hero program’s audience closely aligned with the sponsor’s target demographic. The research revealed that viewers were a natural fit for the sponsor’s brand, with many being homeowners interested in DIY home improvement projects. The research also revealed that viewers of the hero program were more likely to shop at the sponsor’s stores, further strengthening the argument for the renewal of the sponsorship.

The use of Glow enabled Seven to gather a robust data set and to quickly and easily mine it for insights that were key to demonstrating the value of the partnership to the sponsor.

The outcome 

Thanks to the insights provided by Glow, Seven was able to successfully renew the partnership for the 20th year with its valued sponsor. The research provided clear evidence of the effectiveness of the partnership and demonstrated the ongoing value of the hero program’s viewers to the sponsor’s brand.


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