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Multi-market messaging optimisation for Reckitt’s Enfa nutrition brand

Reckitt's baby nutrition brand Enfa

The challenge: Getting communications right across multiple markets

Reckitt, a multinational consumer goods company and producer of health, hygiene and nutrition products, required data to quickly rank and evaluate the messaging strategy for Enfa. Enfa, Reckitt’s main infant and toddler brand, was interested in evaluating a potential update to its offering in child nutrition products across four key markets. 

The outputs from the rapid-pace research would inform communications for the brand moving forward. These communications required pre-launch testing to discover how well the statements invoked purchase intent, believability and relevance. 


The solution: Communications pre-testing

In rapid time, Glow built a questionnaire, developed a rotation methodology to avoid bias, then translated and deployed the survey across multiple markets: Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, and USA. 

The survey was developed and deployed within a week of briefing due to the speed of Glow’s survey creation platform and data gathering. Most importantly, Glow’s built-in scripting and translation management tools sped up the process of preparing the survey for multiple markets, allowing for a rapid launch that met the requirements of Enfa’s communications planning. 

The survey was adjusted along the way based on insights gathered through the real-time reporting dashboard. 


The outcome: Optimal Communications across multiple markets, in no time

Data across all markets was available to view in real-time on the platform as people responded, allowing Reckitt to begin to understand the story behind the data, even before in-field testing was complete. This ensured internal stakeholders could be kept up to speed with the findings and saved valuable analysis time. Within two weeks of launch, Glow supplied comprehensive integrated reporting across all markets that extended the in-platform visualisation. 

The research enabled Reckitt and Enfa to align their overall messaging across all markets as well as optimising local messaging to reflect market, language and cultural differences. 

“I can’t believe how quickly you got everything together and into field. The results were concise and intuitive. Great job! We’ll be working together more in the future.”

Global Strategic Insights Manager, Iain Kanssen, Reckitt

Reckitt has subsequently utilised Glow for a number of projects. 

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