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Multi-market research made easy: Glow’s built-in translation tool

Glow's built-in translation tool for multi-market research

Glow was founded with the goal of delivering rapid pace consumer insights to enable better, faster, boardroom decision making. 

The platform combined with support from research experts enables high quality research to be conducted over three times as fast as traditional market research. 

This is possible through a range of measures; from templates and survey kits that speed up survey development, automation and quality assurance features that accelerate deployment and response collection to real-time data visualisation and reporting to ensure you get actionable insights fast. 

On top of that, Glow’s access to 100M+ global voices through seamless integration with multiple high quality panels ensures we can capture the views of any audience, no matter the demographic, psychographic, geographic or behavioural requirement. 

As a result, Glow is perfectly positioned for fast-paced multi-market research. However, there is one more capability that many Glow clients find indispensable and unmatched by other platforms: Glow’s built-in automatic language translation. 


Introducing instant language translation

When your survey crosses borders, Glow takes you from square one to detailed insights as soon as possible — and that goal is what led to the implementation of our in-platform automated translation capabilities. 

This feature saves time and improves response quality in an area that is normally time consuming, difficult to manage and prone to human error; language translation. 

By using the in-built translation tool, you can convert an English language draft of your survey into over 30 languages in seconds. In-market experts or translators can then review and edit the translation in-platform to ensure local market & language nuances are reflected in the questions and response language, with easy click-and-share capabilities that allow third parties to adjust your translation without changing the master survey.

Survey Language Translation Feature English
Survey Language Translation Feature spanish

Using Glow’s language translation tool removes one of the biggest time and resource barriers to surveying many markets at once, making it easier for your team to get the right answers, right now.


Used for

Global communications pre-testing: Reckitt used Glow’s in-platform translation tool to carry out a multi-market communications test across Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, and USA. 

Category and audience behaviour: A prominent Management Consultancy aimed to capture a quick read of propensity to purchase confectionary products across 3 markets (China, Vietnam and Malaysia) so they could guide conversations with clients. By making use of Glow’s translation tool for studies in three languages, the survey was deployed in record time.

Category and audience behaviour: When Zenith Media required information about consumer behavior regarding travel intentions, they used Glow’s instant translation tool to deploy a Category & Audience Behaviour survey across UK and Chinese markets.

Global voices, global surveys

When it comes to testing multiple markets, it is clear that to get the right answers, you need to ask the right questions. Glow’s built-in translation tool bridges the survey gap from country to country — and it’s the best way to get the right answers from Glow’s 100m+ global voices.

To learn more about how Glow can help you undertake multi-market research quickly, book an intro with our experts.