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Consumers want stronger climate policy from Government, including coal restrictions, says new Glow research

Consumers want stronger climate policy from Government

If Australian consumers had their way Australia’s $50 billion coal export program would be banned to help curb the effects of climate change.

In a sign consumers want tougher measures in place to reduce the country’s carbon emissions, 49% of respondents in this month’s Catalyst survey from Glow said exporting of coal had to go.

“We like their sentiment,” said Glow Founder and CEO Tim Clover “but coal is a vitally important industry for Australia and our national power grid is geared to it. Australia is the world’s largest coal exporter and even in August exports were $5.5 billion, up 13 per cent in a month and almost double August 2020.

“There is no doubt burning coal and reducing our global emissions cannot co-exist and the Prime Minister will no doubt leave Glasgow thinking the same.”

Apart from the banning of coal exports, 46% of survey respondents said they wanted to see the use of coal banned for electricity production. “Again, that is a very big ask for the Government. Even the United Nations is giving OECD countries until 2030 to phase out the use of coal from their power grids and 2040 for non-OECD countries,” Mr Clover said.

Mr Clover said the survey showed that behind COVID-19, the most pressing issue for consumers was climate change.

Two-thirds of respondents (67%) said the Morrison Government should do more to address climate change with 30% saying the Government should do much more.

“Whilst climate change has been dominating the news in recent weeks with Mr Morrison’s trip to Scotland, this is the sixth month we have run the Catalyst survey and climate change has constantly been No.2 behind COVID-19,” Mr Clover said. 

Additional findings from the survey found:

  • 72% want to see the introduction or increase in subsidies for renewable energy generation
  • 71% want the government to educate citizens about the environmental impact of things they purchase so that they purchase lower footprint products and services
  • 70% support an increase in funding of research and development of technologies that reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants
  • 65% want to see a tax or levy on large scale emitters of greenhouse gases and/or other pollutants

When it came to motor vehicles, 65% want the government to introduce or increase subsidies for the purchase of electric cars and 40% want to see the sale of new diesel and petrol cars banned.


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About Catalyst:

The Catalyst survey is conducted monthly by leading research company Glow. It is an open-source research program designed to provide businesses with robust data on consumer sentiment towards social and environmental issues, in order to inform their product development, governance and sourcing strategies. For free access to the latest data visit 

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