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Social and environmental issues research — October 2021 Report

Each month, we release valuable new data and reports showcasing the opinions of Australian consumers on more than 30 important social and environmental issues. This data is designed to help businesses understand these issues as input into their CSR/ESG strategies. For more information on our Catalyst program, click here.

October headlines

In October we focused on:

  • The issues that matter most to Australians right now — our anxieties remain stable but there is a slight increase in concern about Climate Change, which is no surprise given the conversation and coverage around the UN COP29 summit.
  • Climate Change; we dig deep into consumer expectations of Government action and find the Government coming up short, particularly in the eyes of some consumers. We also investigate which policies consumers support action on and discover that voter desires appear contradictory to current Government action when it comes to the subject of coal.  We also identify who should lead the charge on pressuring Government for more climate action and discover an expectation that businesses and individuals are both expected to play their part.
  • We also release the interactive data from September so that supporters can dig into the data themselves.  

All of these insights, and many more, are available for free by downloading the October report here.

Become a Catalyst partner

Catalyst is an open-source research program designed to provide businesses with robust data on consumer sentiment towards social and environmental issues, in order to inform their product development, governance and sourcing strategies. 

If you’d like to help this program make a bigger impact, contact us about becoming a Catalyst Partner today. For more information, click here.

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