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Case Study: Gathering insights to influence for Influx

Influx - Digital Shopping Report 2021

The challenge: Communicating product value 

Influx provides reliable 24/7 customer support solutions for a wide variety of global brands including eCommerce, software, and service-based businesses. Their highly successful model saw them expanding from their home market in Australia into the US.  

In order to continue to grow in the USA, Influx needed insights into the eCommerce market that would enable them to better communicate the value of their offer to US eCommerce businesses. Influx enlisted Glow to conduct research with US consumers to understand their digital shopping habits and to identify trends, in order to create a shopping report that would effectively communicate the value of Influx’s offerings.

The solution: Category analysis & audience behaviour survey

Influx was looking to understand how consumers interact with online retail business within the USA market. 

Influx enlisted Glow to gather further insights in the eCommerce category and gain a rich understanding of digital shopping behaviour amongst US consumers. Importantly, the study focused on understanding the service expectations and frustrations of US consumers when buying online.

Through a deep dive into the minds of the target audience (450+ adults across the US), Glow determined that the digital world is the new go-to shopping destination. 

The survey found that 58% of US consumers shop online weekly, and 38% expect to increase their spending online within the next year. The survey also uncovered critical data that validated the importance of a strong online customer service solution; Influx’s core product. For example, 61% of US consumers stated they recommend brands to friends and family after great customer support experiences, and 76% reported they stop buying from brands after two or more bad customer support experiences.

And the killer fact that supports Influx’s value to their eCommerce clients: 86% of consumers are more likely to repeat-purchase from brands that consistently deliver great online customer service.

The insights into consumer behaviour and service expectations and implications were used by Influx to inform key marketing messages for their eCommerce customers and to create a Consumer Digital Shopping Trends report. The report was used by Influx as a lead generation tool to engage with leading US eCommerce brands. 

The outcome: Service benefits backed by insights

Using Glow, Influx was able to design and deploy a robust study to the target market, online shoppers in the US, within a matter of days. 

Glow’s platform gave the Influx team the power to analyse the data easily and in multiple ways, and to export and share the data with other team members, saving them valuable time.  This ensured Influx could identify all the relevant insights they needed to inform their marketing messaging and produce compelling content for the shopping report.  

The report enabled Influx to better communicate its product value to a specific target industry (eCommerce), a feat that was particularly important as this industry was about to enter the major growth period of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday shopping season.

“Glow’s service delivered beyond our expectations! They enabled us to gather high quality data fast and the platform was simple to use – we really were up and running in no time. On top of that, the research has been super powerful. This project has helped us better understand the US market and their customer support expectations – which has allowed us to more clearly frame our value to eCommerce brands coming into the holiday shopping period. Thanks Glow!” 

 Lucy Jasper, Marketing Manager, Influx Australia

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