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Power-up your new business pitches with consumer insights

When it’s time to pitch to new clients, your knowledge of their category and audience is key — and guessing games won’t cut it. 

Glow enables you to dig into a category and an audience fast, so you can ensure your ideas are grounded in robust consumer insights. 

Read on to learn how you can use be-spoke research to power your next pitch.

Understand the category

How often does the client refresh their understanding of their category? Most don’t do it often enough to identify competitive threats and emerging consumer behaviours. By quickly and robustly assessing the category, key brands and/or core buying segments, you’ll be positioned to provide timely insights that help the client stay one step ahead. 

Quick-turn around brand funnel benchmarking can also be undertaken to identify challenges and opportunities and create data points for marketing impact modelling. 

Develop richer consumer profiles

While every client will have a perspective on their core segments, this is often sourced from generic industry data and limited in scope or depth. 

Using Glow to run a quick turnaround audience study, you’ll be able to take a deep dive into the minds of your target audience. Explore how they feel, shop and appreciate the category, so you can create emotive and distinctive experiences that motivate them.

Test your approach

If you already have a strategic direction or creative ideas, Glow can help to validate or refine the thinking through concept testing with the target audience. This provides independent substantiation that your work will work and has been used by many agencies to help support changes in strategic direction or more progressive approaches. 

Case studies: 

A PR team at Havas used Glow to gain up-to-date proprietary data to power their pitch to a national camera brand, winning the client’s business with a real-time, fact based understanding of the client’s target market. Read more here.

Carat Global required ultra-fast turnaround insights, within days, for a large upcoming media pitch to a major soft drink brand. Glow delivered live access to real time data as it was gathered, allowing Carat to identify emerging themes while the survey was in field, giving them precious extra time to refine their approach ahead of the pitch presentation. Read more here.

Power your pitches with Glow

The Glow platform enables you to uncover opportunities for success, so you can pitch confidently and impress. Learn more or book an intro to get started.