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How to Measure Brand Awareness

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It goes without saying that every marketer wants to reach the widest audience possible (as long as it’s for the right reasons, of course!). Continuously reaching all buyers of your category through communication and distribution has been proven by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute to be a key tenet of how brands grow. While there’s no limit to the creative ways that brands can spread the word, actually measuring your reach can be a little trickier.

Seeing as brand awareness is a key indicator of your business’s overall performance, here are five tips for how to measure brand awareness.


Analyse your direct website traffic and social media following

Regardless of what kind of business you have, your website is a good place to start figuring out brand awareness metrics. How many visitors are clicking through to your website (either straight into the search bar, via a search engine like Google, or from elsewhere)?

Take a look at website traffic from the last quarter, and then compare this with the same quarter from last year to see if it’s increased. Your social media channels are another good indicator of whether your following is expanding.

The percentage bounce rate should decrease over time as people become more aware and trusting of your business.


Review how much engagement your brand is getting on social media

Checking your social media following is one thing, but how many of these followers are actually engaging with your brand? And what about the social media users who aren’t following you, but are still mentioning your brand, your products or keywords that are relevant to your business online?

There are various social tracking tools that allow you to quickly and easily see when, where and how frequently your brand is being mentioned on all the major social media platforms. 

Then there’s the context of these mentions – how is your brand being perceived online? Are people discussing your business favourably, in a way that accumulates trust and expands awareness for the right reasons?

Remember – when considering how to measure brand awareness, reputation is just as crucial as reach.


Check how your backlinks are performing

Backlinks are when third party websites refer to your brand in their own content, and link through to your website. These are good for SEO, as they establish your brand as a reputable source of information online.

Whether your backlinks stem from a deliberate marketing strategy or they’ve grown organically as your brand awareness has expanded; keep an eye on how many backlinks your website is gaining.

If it’s slow or not increasing at all, you may need to invest in a more comprehensive content marketing strategy to boost your brand’s reputation as an authority in your field.


Go through all of the above metrics with your competitors as well 

With the right online tools and resources, you can carry out any of the aforementioned brand awareness assessments against your competitors too.

How often are they being mentioned on social media? Where do they rank in similar keyword searches? How strong is their backlink rate for increased traffic to their websites?

By knowing where you stand in relation to your competitors, you gain an understanding of your brand’s “share of voice” which is an emerging metric being used as a long term indicative measure of “share of market”. 

You might also notice things they are doing better than you, which helps to adjust and improve your marketing strategy to expand your brand awareness moving forward.


How to measure brand awareness? Ask your audience

Don’t forget about one of the most reliable, tried and tested sources of information for figuring out how your brand is stacking up in the marketing space – consumers. 

Asking your desired target audience whether or not they know your brand is key. By asking your audience you are able to get a powerful read on where your brand’s strengths and weaknesses lie across a multitude of variables like target segments, geographies and more. 

To do this right you need to consider who you want to speak to, how you ask those people about their category usage, the brands they know and what they think of the brands they are familiar with. Designing your survey correctly to get quality data and avoid bias in responses is important. Glow makes this easy by offering survey kits that contain well structured versions of commonly asked questions (including the Brand Awareness Kit) and our team of experts are always on hand to provide help with survey design and implementation.   


Glow takes the guesswork out of understanding your brand awareness

Glow is a sophisticated and intuitive market research platform that gives your business the confidence and assurance of robust data on demand in real-time. Easy to use and lightning fast to deploy, Glow can help you get a clear read of your brand awareness and track that easily over time. 

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