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Enhancements and new features on the Glow platform

Our dedicated development team are constantly evolving the Glow platform to ensure it meets the changing needs of customers whilst staying fast, easy and intuitive.  

In today’s update we draw attention to a few new tricks that make building, deploying and analyzing your surveys even easier!

  • Least Fill Respondent Allocation
  • One-click Open Text Response Export
  • Find & Replace
  • Matrix Text Capture

Least Fill Respondent Allocation

There are a number of research use cases where respondents need to provide feedback on a range of stimuli, such as product concepts, brands or communications assets. In each of these cases it is critical that every stimulus has the same chance of success by avoiding bias from unequal respondent exposure to any individual item. 

By testing effectively before you invest, you ensure a strong fit with audience needs and can maximize launch impact. 

That’s where Least Fill allocation comes in. It ensures you evenly distribute respondents throughout your survey so that an equal number of respondents will see each of the concepts you want to test or each of the brands you want to study. This assures more rigorous, fair and equal testing of your ideas to give you the power to invest with confidence.

Our refreshed Least Fill allocation capability further improves response quality to get better product-market fit, faster.

One-click Open Text Response Export

Tired of manually exporting thousands of open text responses? We’ve got you covered, with our new One-click Export feature for Text Responses. Simply hit the download icon, and your text answers are downloaded into an excel workbook and ordered alphabetically, saving time and speeding up analysis.

This feature expands on the existing set of features that already allow you to export specific responses, respondent data sets, results charts or full Powerpoint decks in just one click. Sharing is caring 🙂

Find & Replace

For MRAs, Advisory businesses and Marketing Agencies who deploy consistently structured surveys, it can be time consuming and repetitive replicating the same survey design for different clients or at different points in time. But not anymore! We’ve added a new universal ‘find & replace’ feature that will allow you to repurpose old surveys in seconds, so you can have less time wasting, and more time saving. 

Simply hit ctrl+f on your keyboard, and find all instances within an existing survey of the earlier clients brand name, and replace it with your new clients brand and voila, your repurposed survey is ready for use.

Combined with the ability to create your own ‘kits’ and replicate entire surveys, this provides the power to build robust surveys in minutes. Use ‘find and replace’ to seriously save time. 

Matrix Text Capture

We’ve just tweaked the power of our matrix analysis to allow you to capture open text. It’s a triple treat that allows you to reap the benefits of multiple choice, open-ended questions and matrix analysis in one neat package!

Activating it is simple; just click on the Text Capture icon next to the matrix question you wish to capture text within. Then when respondents select ‘other’ they’ll be able to type in their response in their own words.

Text capture for matrix questions makes it easier for respondents to answer in an open and authentic manner, providing rich emotive data. It allows powerful matrix analysis on text response answers so you can pinpoint opportunities with nuance.

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