Glow was founded by a former PwC director who saw a need to democratise research so that businesses without vast resources could compete in an increasingly data driven world. Our platform, which we liken to a customer insights ecosystem, brings together all the tools and resources you need to understand and engage your customers.

We want Glow to become the world’s most accessible insights and research platform, and we believe we have a role to help people who are new to data to start to read, learn from and understand it. If you’re not sure where to start, please get in touch – we’re happy to help!

What we value

Glow’s desire for businesses to reach their potential through research and data is built on our core values: Optimism, Inclusion, Curiosity, Integrity and Engagement.


We are constantly aspiring to achieve new things and break down the boundaries that limit us.


We want everyone to feel they are supported in the Glow ecosystem. We will always lend a hand when you need it.


We believe in exploring and learning new ways to reach your business potential.


We won’t beat around the bush. Glow is honest in how we communicate because we want you to see genuine success.


We are a team you can trust.
We are committed to helping you get the best results.

The Glow Team

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